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Powering Projects to Protect the Planet

We want to power the projects of passionate people to protect the planet for future generations. Therefore we are going to build a solar powered “mobile home” and visit the people and their project on 6 continents and help them with our four wings and the butterfly effect. With the flap of our wings, we will give them attention, crowdfunding, a network and motivation.

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With the flap of a wing, we generate support for projects to protect the planet

We Build A Tiny House

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

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We Drive Around The World

We will undertake a four-year journey across six continents and 80 countries, generating lots of media attention

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We Promote Projects To Protect The Planet

We will visit and present first hand ingenious ideas, projects and companies that offer solutions to climate change.

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