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Welcome to the Solar Butterfly!

The SolarButterfly is a solar powered caravan trailer with the shape of a butterfly. It is driving around the world to show that soilutions against Global Warming exist and transformation from fossil fuels to clean renewable energies and other technologies is easy – like the earth-bound caterpillar transforms into a free-flying and independent butterfly!

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The world is full of genious, creative minds who are working on solutions to Stop Global Warming. On our world tour we will visit and present 1000 first hand ingenious ideas, projects and companies that work on solutions to climate change. Follow us and learn more about these awesome solutions!

World Tour

2022 - 2025

We started in May 2022 and we will be travelling through 6 continents and 90 contries until December 2025. Our goal is to reach the United Nations Climate Change Conference in South America in 2025, for 10th anniversary of the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement. You think it’s not possible? We believe it is!

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