In this series, we are introducing all of our partners. Companies that not only have great innovations to combat climate change but also believe in our project and help us in our mission to travel around the world in the search of climate pioneers and to interview them and spread the word about their solutions. The first one of the series is LONGi, one of the leading solar technology companies in the world, our Platinum Sponsor.

The SolarButterfly – as the name suggests, is very much dependable on solar energy. It was important that Larso’s wings get the best quality solar panels because our tiny home and the electric car towing it are both powered by the sun. So we are proud that LONGi had decided to be our Platinum Sponsor. With a mission of “Utilizing Solar Energy, Building a Green World”, LONGi is committed to becoming the world’s leading solar energy technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation. To stop climate change, this transition is a very important part of the puzzle so we believe in the shared values and we are happy to work together with LONGi.

“LONGi’s projects are actually highly complementary to and aligned with SolarButterfly” – told us Dennis She, Vice President at LONGi Group. “This project will introduce more Europeans to LONGi as an excellent Chinese solar brand and deepen LONGi’s understanding of European consumers. We hope it can also create opportunities to cooperate in technological innovation, application, and research and development, contribute to industry development, and promote energy transformation.”

In recent years sustainable energy policies have become more and more important in both the EU and China, and both sides will have to cooperate more and more to make a sustainable future possible.

LONGi Group’s Vice President, Dennis She said that “LONGi is excited to participate in this exploration and assist European countries in transforming their energy systems through technological innovation and global supply chain solutions. By participating in the SolarButterfly project, LONGi can build closer ties with European markets. And this project is also an excellent opportunity for LONGi to make its own contribution to green energy transformation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Founded in 2000, LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers, cells and modules, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The brand is known for consistently supplying its customers with high-quality, efficient and economical green and renewable energy solutions. They are constantly setting cell efficiency world records which is a great guarantee for our project too that the cells we are provided for the SolarButterfly are of the highest quality and will endure a world tour.

LONGi, just like SolarButterfly, is not afraid of a challenge, and is always looking into going beyond current limitations. To overcome these limitations, the Chinese leading solar technology company has invested in a strong talent pool for research, attracting top professionals to meet the company’s ambitions for globalization. They believe that when ‘Solar for Solar’ becomes a reality, the entire PV industry chain will be driven by clean energy, and not only carbon neutrality will be achieved, but clean energy will also be supplied to desalination, water transportation and other ecological restoration efforts. The world will thus embrace a carbon-negative era powered by green energy.

We are excited to have LONGi on board. If you want to know more about the company, visit: