myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. This non-profit has educational programmes, advisory services and its own projects to help combat climate change. They are one of the world leaders in voluntary CO₂- compensation measures. Read about our partner in our third Partner Feature.

In our lives these days it is extremely hard to completely avoid CO₂ emissions. So what we can do is constantly reducing and immediately offsetting the emissions. Which is important from individuals to big corporations to everyone. And this requires serious calculations to even know how much we have to account for, then we need a climate protection project to compensate for our emissions. This is where myclimate’s help is essential. On the website you can easily calculate and offset a flight you take for example. But they are there to help on a bigger scale too, of course.

They are also focusing on education, which is a very important aspect of the fight against climate change. During the SolarButterfly Climate Pioneer World Tour, we are going to make a little educational exhibition at every stop, based on the know-how of myclimate. They also help us in developing the assets about climate change for the schools we are visiting. 

But myclimate is doing a lot of different things all year around, we can take a look at their website to find more: “The foundation also advises on integrated climate protection with tangible added value. In the field of CO₂ and resource management, myclimate supports companies with advice, analyses, IT tools and labels. The portfolio ranges from simple carbon footprints (emissions calculations) at the corporate level through to comprehensive life cycle assessments for products. Our experienced advisors help with identifying and tapping into potential in the areas of energy and resource efficiency.”

Stephen Neff, the CEO of myclimate is as passionate about climate solutions as the SolarButterfly team.“It’s time to show the world that there are solutions around to stop global warming. We support the SolarButterfly project with our knowhow and marketing expertise to develop a showcase that travels across the world and highlights innovative new ideas that creates a positive, climate-friendly future for everyone”

Louis Palmer, the founder of SolarButterfly finds it important that the project stays climate-neutral and is grateful for the support of myclimate.

Everybody in the world should try to avoid the emission of CO2 as much as possible and when it’s not possible, it is important that we have a chance to offset our emissions. CO2 compensation is a way to a zero-emission future that is doable for everyone. That’s why I am very happy that we can offset our own emissions with myclimate. This way we can really realize our whole mission in a climate-neutral way.”

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