In this series, we are introducing all of our partners. Companies that not only have great innovations to combat climate change but also believe in our project and help us in our mission to travel around the world in the search of climate pioneers and to spread the word about their solutions. Read about our Gold partner, BRUGG Group, in our fourth Partner Feature.

The BRUGG Group with 19 production sites and 17 sales divisions, is represented in all important industrial countries. BRUGG has many divisons, from pipesystems for district heating through elevator- and structural ropes, lifting gear and real estate to electrical cables for e-mobility and industrial applications.

This latter division is called BRUGG eConnect with whom we are in close contact. Charging electric vehicles is an extremely important part of e-mobility, and BRUGG eConnect develops and manufactures cables and connectors that are resistant to hydrolysis, microbes, uv and ozone. Louis Palmer, the director of SolarButterfly is proud to have BRUGG as a partner: “BRUGG is a great partner, one that takes sustainability very seriously. We are very proud to work with this well-known Swiss company.”

And the missions are definitely aligned, as Patrick Kern, the CEO of BRUGG eConnect states too:

“As a Swiss pioneer in e-mobility as provider of fast-charging cables and plugs solutions, we want to contribute to decarbonisation and sustainable technologies. That’s why his mission is also our mission. The SolarButterfly project fits into BRUGG eConnect, because we want to advance sustainable technologies like e-mobility and wind energy. With our cable solutions, we make an important contribution to the promotion of e-mobility and wind energy.”

During the Climate Pioneer World Tour, Larso will also visit BRUGG, right on the first day on the 23rd of May. Follow us on social media to see more about our event in Brugg-Windisch.  “We are honored to welcome the SolarButterfly in person with all our employees here on our company ground in Brugg-Windisch.” – said Patrick Kern, the CEO of BRUGG eConnect. 

Having big plans and goals for the future is essential in keeping the pioneer spark alive, and BRUGG has big ones, such as the SolarButterfly. Patrick Kern talks about them: “In the near future our high power charging solutions will also conquer electric commercial vehicles like trucks, boats, cruise ships and hopefully also airplanes. Another point that is very exciting for us is that our pioneer technology will be handed over at the climate conference in Paris in 2025.”

Watch the video of Stephan Wartmann, the CEO of BRUGG Group and Patrick Kern, the CEO of BRUGG e-Connect HERE. And follow the adventures of the SolarButterfly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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