#1 Solar powered airplane

While the Solar Butterfly will be driving all around the world, SolarStratos will be going beyond with the mission of being the first solar aircraft that will reach the stratosphere in 2024. SolarStratos is an aircraft which is solely powered by solar energy with latest generation solar cells. On the wings of the plane, there’s a solar field which is around 22 square meters. The aircraft will fly at an altitude which isn’t commonly chosen due to the delicate environment . You might be reading this thinking, “uhmm that’s dangerous!” and you’re right. Though the risks exist they do not surpass the benefit this mission will bring for the aviation industry and will expand what we think is possible with renewable energy.

We drove to Payerne Airport to meet our first pioneer Raphaël Domjan, who is the founder of SolarStratos and the infamous PlanetSolar. He has been promoting the use of renewable energy long before it became a dinner table topic. The pioneer and ecoadventurer has always strongly believed that renewable energy will play a large role in the protection of our planet and our civilisation. 15 years ago we couldn’t imagine a world where we could electrify cars and now we’ve even expanded to electrifying planes, this is evidence that the unimaginable is always possible when it comes to technology. Many see the climate crisis as a dead end but perhaps it is a chance at a new and better path for our civilisation. SolarStratos has taken up the challenge to push beyond the limits and begin a new chapter for the aviation industry.


Watch our interview with Raphaël Domjan to find out more information about the SolarStratos mission and flirt with the edge of space.


“There is no reason not to change and one day the question will be “why didn’t we move faster?.” Maybe what is missing is bringing together engineers, philosophers, politicians and lawyers to imagine the world a little differently.” – Raphaël Domjan,2020 


Visit the SolarStatos website for more information on how you can support the project and push the limits together with the team. 


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