#2 Fast Charging Cable for electric cars

In many parts of the world we have witnessed the transition to electric, particularly for the mobility industry. The frequent complaint that most people have about using electric vehicles has always been the charging time. Nobody really wants to go on a road trip, miss a meeting or be late for a significant life event because they had to charge for about half an hour or more. Lucky for us our partner Brugg eConnect is continuously improving their technology to reduce your charging time. 

Brugg eConnect is a Swiss leader in the production of industrial cables. The company develops cable solutions for various sectors including E-mobility, wind power and industry. The focus point of this article as you might have already guessed is in E-mobility. Brugg eConnect produces high power charging systems which include DC charging cables, DC charging plugs and AC wall-box. The high performance DC charging cables can charge an EV in 8 mins which is a significant decrease from the usual charging time. The use of these cables creates the possibility for even municipalities to transition to having their vehicles fully electric as well.

We visited Brugg eConnect in Switzerland to get a tour of their site and understand the cable solutions even better. This was followed by an interview we had with the CEO of the Brugg group Stephan Wartmann.

‘We have already developed fast charging technology and the cable systems are done. We now need to spread out the solutions, not only to personal cars but to boats, aircrafts and bus systems. ” – Stephen Wartmann 

In an electrified future the development of fast charging technology is needed now more than ever. Watch our interview with Stephen Wartmann where he tells us more about Bruggs cable solutions and how they’re on a race to improve fast charging technology. 

The interview is in German but English auto translated subtitles are also available on YouTube. 

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