#3 Industrial use of bottles from the Ocean


Have you ever wondered what the structural panels of the Solar Butterfly are built from? One of the first companies to support the Solar Butterfly; 3A Composites Core Materials developed the PET specially for our tiny home using recycled bottles from the ocean. 3A Composites was the first company to develop PET foam which has been a better alternative to PVC. PET is more durable, lightweight, stronger but most importantly recyclable. The lightweight products that the company produces for various industries are already contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of their customers by being more energy efficient and by making use of high technology to develop  products that are environmentally friendly. 3A Composites Core Materials is also the first to develop Balsa wood, the first and only carbon neutral material in industry. 

On the second day of our tour we visited the company and conducted an interview with the CEO of 3A composites, Eric Gauthier.

It started from Virgin PET but more and more we have been using circularity and sourcing from our own scarp and cut off of bottles and of course from the normal recycled bottles we collect. For the Solar Butterfly we created the first structural panels that we made from ocean PET which we have been pleased to develop.” gladly stated Eric Gauthier. 

Watch the full interview we had with Eric Gauthier. 

3A composites is always actively seeking developing ways to develop stronger, lighter and greener materials. Materials are applicable across various industries and seeing a leader in the materials industry not only commit but develop material specifically for our project is exemplary. The future of the material sciences is brighter or shall we say greener..

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