#6 Bio degradable clothes

We all know the saying, “when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good; you do good.” It’s generic but it’s very true. For many of us clothing is our medium of expression, we can’t all be Coco Chanel but we all consciously or subconsciously use fashion to express ourselves. The unfortunate part is that the textile industry is the world’s second largest polluter, from the production stage all the way to our closets. For some people this has led to the shift away from fast fashion and others simply can’t let go of their favourite brands. With Ocean Safe’s biodegradable and toxin free textiles, you don’t have to let go.

Ocean Safe is a Bern based company which produces cradle to cradle synthetic fibres and yarns from polymers. These textiles are safe for the biological cycle, free from toxins and from our experience of the materials they feel very soft on the skin. The company takes into account the entire chain from obtaining resources, production, distribution, the take back system and the impact on the biological system. Ocean Safe being the first company to do this has led to a new standard for the textile industry which has been scientifically verified.

We met Manuel Schweizer who is the CEO and founder of Ocean Safe who informed us more about Ocean Safe and the future of the textile industry. Currently Ocean Safe is the only company with the gold certified biodegradable textiles. Gold certified standard As said by Manuel Schweizer, the textiles are safe for the biological cycle to the point that they’re thrown out into the forest; they become nutrients for future.

We were fortunate enough to have our uniform done with Ocean Safe textiles and soon you too will be able to purchase the textile as they will be commercially available. The founder has stated that Ocean Safe is not an eco-romantic company, they fully intend to collaborate with popular brands to create both sustainable, fashionable and affordable items from their textiles.

Watch our Interview with Manuel Schweizer where he tells us more about Ocean Safe’s Cradle to Cradle textiles. 



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