#7 Durable electric bikes

Everyday there is conversation about the future of commuting, cycling has become the best option for many. When cycling you have less C02 emissions, avoid traffic and there’s always parking space. The Flyer E-bikes make cycling more effortless, comfortable, and enjoyable. The big question around e-bikes has always been longevity but this is one of Flyers strong points.

We ended our e-bike tour by visiting Flyer, Switzerland’s e-bike pioneering company which is shaping the future of commuting. Flyer has been producing e-bikes for 25 years now, while the bikes have changed over time the core values in their production remained the same. Longevity, precision, and premium segmentation is important to the company. The bikes have a significantly long-life span of about 90000kms, which will not lead to a build-up of used e-bikes.

What we found quite fascinating during our visit was the Minergie Plus standard building where Flyer operates. The building generates energy from solar panels which generates enough power for the maintenance of the building and production of the bikes. The building also collects rainwater. Flyer employees happily commute to work with the complimentary bikes they receive from the company.

Yet another well rounded solution that not only makes a positive contribution to the environment outside but from within as well.

Watch our interview with Andreas Kessler, CEO of Flyer.

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