#8 Heating houses with solar energy

In countries like Switzerland which have very cold winters, heating with renewable energy is essential. For over 45 years, Jenni Energietechnik has catered to that by constructing systems and constituents for district heating using solar energy without the need of any additional heating.

Jennie Energietechnik pioneered solar energy storage tanks that have an integrated hot water boiler which became iconic. The Jennie way of producing solar energy plants has become a worldwide standard. The storage tanks work well enough to sustain the heating systems through the winter and store well in the summer.

Although the initial cost for this type of heating is high in the beginning, it is far much cheaper in the long run. The tanks require very low maintenance and save for the users since ultimately, we will all have to switch to heating methods that have zero CO2 emissions.

We were joined in studio by Tabea Bossard, the head of HR for Jennie Energietechnik. Watch the full video below.


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