#10 Solar Energy in the Alps

Though the concept of the use of electricity in mobility sounds rather new, this is not the case. In 1893 the world’s first electricity powered cable car was born, yes, the cable car is older than the oldest person that is alive now. This however does not take away from its efficiency, the cable car has undergone many renovations over the years up until the version we have now which is known as CabriO. The open deck smart and sustainable cable car which has now been operating for over 15 years with clean energy.

The CabriO cable car is powered by solar energy from the photovoltaic frames on the mountain Stanserhorn; which has a peak of 1,898m above sea level. The energy is enough to also power the restaurant which lies at the top of Stanserhorn. There is a cooperative system as well that generates electricity as the cable car goes down the rail. They also collect rainwater which is then used for the restrooms and other purposes that may arise. For CabriO it is not only important to use clean energy, but it is essential to have well rounded sustainable systems in Stans and more specifically for CabriO.

“Whenever we’re looking for sustainable solutions, we always have to opt for smarter and long-term solutions, cheap solutions in the long run cost as a lot more.” – urges Jürg Balsiger, CEO of CabriO

The next time you find yourself in Switzerland take a clean ride up mount Stanserhorn with CabriO and savour the breath-taking view.

Watch our full interview with Jürg Balsiger the CEO of CabriO.

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