#11 Solar powered housing area

We all dream of living in autonomous smart houses that are powered by nature and dream of a community that lives in the same manner. In Bouchs, that dream is already a reality thank to Oecoplus AG. Oecoplus AG is a housing complex that is founded by Sämi Zgraggen who believes in fully adjusting our lifestyles to work with nature and sees sustainability from a holistic approach.

The housing unit uses a hybrid power system which consists of hydropower and solar power. Which can maintain full power supply throughout the year. The complex also has an e-car sharing system which the residents have access to for free, this is to encourage them to build a community as well. The core of a lifestyle that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation is community. Once we look at resources outside of the individual lens and more for community, we can lead better lives.

“The technical parts of building the housing unit have been the easiest part, the biggest challenge has been changing the hearts and minds of the people.” – Sämi Zgraggen, CEO Oecoplus AG

The experience of being in the housing unit and seeing the lifestyle that the founder is promoting truly left us even more inspired. We have been encouraged to look at sustainability holistically and put community at the centre of everything.

Watch our full interview with Sämi Zgraggen, CEO of Oecoplus AG

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