Listen to our interview with Hajar Yagkoubi, Former UN Youth Representative and Sam Schwencke, climate activist. We recorded it in our third country during the SolarButterfly Climate Pioneer World Tour in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Hajar Yagkoubi, Former UN Youth Representative, who during her two-year mandate in the UN got a comment from an older representative that maybe she should wait until she is a bit older and more experienced to take part in the climate discussion. But she disagrees: her generation has no time to wait, action is needed now. After the UN she has been focusing more on the corporate world and seeing how this sector could change for the better.

Sam Schwencke, climate activist, with her 24 years is one of the youngest politician in her town. She believes change can happen on a systematic, societial level, through policies and politics and through society having conversations about it. She also talks about fighting for issues petitions could not solve by breaking the law in a non-violent way – for example blocking roads for media attention. She balances being in a former institution and using civilian rebellion ways with disruptive actions to fight for climate.

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