We interviewed Ralph Groenheijde, the Founder of TrashUre Hunt, and two of the climate pirates Amy Josten and Amber Van Zon.

When in Costa Rica on the beach, his son started to collect PET bottle caps which gave the idea of hunting “trash”ures in nature that don’t belong there, and making for example art from it, in the form of windmills or others.

Their project engages especially kids but older generation too to collect the garbage where it doesn’t belong and think about the problem while collecting it or transforming it into something. They made a beach in Den Haag crystal clear comparing to any nearby ones.

They give out bags, and send people on a mission to collect. Then they bring back what they found, and sort it out on the sorting table, with 40 stations.

Know more about this project: https://trashurehunt.org

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