We interviewed Josee van Linschoten, the founder of WijkEnergieWerkt when in Rotterdam on the 37th day of the SolarButterfly Climate Pioneer World Tour. She was also the co-host of the event.

WijkEnergieWerkt is there to create a just energy transition. Josee realized how the energy transition is enlarging the gap between the rich (who has money for solar panels and electric cars) and poor (who maybe lost their job in the fossil fuel sector).

At the same time the transition requires workforce! This company finds people who have the funds and want to make the transition in their lives, and connects them with those that are in need of work. They also provide training so people they give work to will have a better chance in the future to find jobs in the clean energy sector.

Know more about this social enterprise: https://wijkenergiewerkt.nl

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