Eco? Logically!

Uta Janbeck is the Creative director, passionate photographer, source of ideas and master of housekeeping, hostess at Janbeck’s FAIRhaus. She lives by the sea and she is a host with a green heart passionate about sustainability. Janbeck’s FAIRhaus is a climate hotel located in Gelting, near the Baltic Sea. When they started everything at Janbeck’s FAIRhaus more than 20 years ago , the only thought at first was to save resources: combined heat and power plants, two water circuits, the fully biological sewage treatment plant.

Our team called Janbeck’s Fairhouse the “slow life paradise”. It is really so: the day begins with waking up in a bio bed created by a local carpenter.

Breakfast includes only local homemade ingredients. Then you can go for raspberry picking walk on their 4 hectares space. Or you can feed the chickens together with Uta. It’s only a 25-minute walk to the sea. Their guest house is one of 10 climate hotels in Germany.

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