The SolarButterfly interviewed Dr. Ralf Kähler, Head of Research and Development at Albutec GmbH.

Albutec is a research and development company with a seasoned team of professionals gathering decades of experience in liver support. Their mission is to advance ECAD (Extracorporeal Albumin Dialysis) to the next stage. ECAD Systems were once considered a last resort (bridge to transplant). But this is changing as a new generation of clinicians are increasingly utilizing the devices in emerging therapy options for an entirely new range of indications and conditions in patients with acute or acute on chronic liver failure.

Therefore, they developed a proprietary platform technology for effective liver support that performs best in class detoxification in an extracorporeal set-up with the utmost safety and usability.

Liver disease accounts for approximately 2 million deaths per year worldwide with numbers rising over the last decade. The COVID-19 Pandemia will further accelerate the appearance of liver disease due to a worldwide increase of obesity and alcohol use.

Accumulated toxins due to liver failure lead to secondary organ failure & inhibit liver recovery. Many of these toxins are reversibly bound to albumin (ALB) in the blood circulation and cannot be removed by conventional dialysis treatments.

Albutec’s HepalbinTM adsorbents are capable of effectively removing albumin bound toxins through the dialysis membrane. Significant improvements can be demonstrated by laboratory measures including Albumin Binding Capacity (ABiC). This is the decisive change as the all new HepalbinTM Maxicycler has a significant impact on regeneration and survival.

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