The #SolarButterfly interviewed Mandy Schipke, CEO of Novum+ and Lars Fallant, CEO of TRICERA Energy.

“With flexible and modular battery storage systems, we want to support the energy transition to 100% regenerative energy supply!” says TRICERA energy GmbH.

The #SolarButterfly interviewed TRICERA energy GmbH is a young company working with an extremely experienced team in the battery storage industry. In the past, their employees have decisively shaped the European battery market. TRICERA is specialized in the fields of development, planning and construction for medium to large scale battery storage systems.

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“With the help of artificial intelligence, we determine the state of charge, current capacity and expected service life. Whenever and wherever you want. Within seconds!” says Novum+ engineering GmbH.

200 years after the invention of the battery, energy storage devices are still sorted out, thrown away and incinerated without being checked. With the help of patented tools and artificial intelligence, Novum determines the functionality, capacity and lifespan of your batteries.

In this way, this company ensures that energy storage devices of all kinds can be used longer and more intensively. And with a bit of luck even get a second or third life. In your own company or as part of large storage systems for wind turbines and solar systems.

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