MonoRacers are unique Driving Machines. Savour the taste of freedom of claasic motorcycles combined with the safety of cars. Prime technology and materials make MonoRacer a fitting part for your exclusive lifestyle!

The SolarButterfly interviewed Gustav Procházka, one of the cofounders of PERAVES CZ which produces Monoracers. He is also in charge of guiding customers throught the demo drives and driving lessons.

PERAVES CZ was founded in 2009 by Gustav Procházka, COB of Company BOHEMIA MOBIL, and Arnold Wagner, COB of PERAVES Switzerland. The main idea was to continue and extend cooperation in development and construction of Fully Enclosed Cabin Motorcycles, which started to be produced by Swiss company Peraves, in 1987.

By 2009 about 9 Ecomobile version vehicles were produced in various types, including two racing prototypes for just one passenger. Since 2005 BOHEMIA MOBIL and PERAVES developed and made the first five MonoRacers. Many new Czech manufacturers started to participate on making newly designed MonoRacer components.

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