We are very honoured to discuss with Peter Kaderjak Director of ZeroCarbon Hub University of Technologies and Developments and he used to be Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary. Peter Kaderjak is the most suitable expert in Carbon questions in Hungary.

ZeroCarbon Hub operates as an organisational unit of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Centre for University-Industry Cooperation. ZKK aims to help achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal set in Hungarian law, as a knowledge centre that stimulates various interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Centre was born out of the recognition that business and technological innovations will play a key role in the “green transition”, which will not only offer opportunities for the research and innovation sector but can also become important tools for economic development by strengthening the domestic background industry.

Learn more about this centree stablished with the support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary: https://zerocarbonhub.hu/en/

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