Did you know that the fashion industry is the second polluting industry in the world?

What can we do with that? For example, Hungarian company Swappis encourages people to reuse and extend the life of your clothes. You can return items you no longer need to Swappis, for which you will receive points in exchange for the quality and condition of the clothes.

Swappis is a green startup company from Budapest whose goal is to collect and reuse worn-out clothes that are still in good condition.

The SolarButterlfy interviewed Tünde Julia Fritzson-Bajdor, Founder of Swappis.

‘We would like to create a conscious and responsible clothing trend, which does not find joy in buying new clothes, but in bringing the passive life clothes lurking in our closets to their new wearers and adding color to their wardrobes.’ – Swappis

Learn more about the company: http://www.swappis.hu/

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