#143 InMotion’s Pioneering Electric Racing Cars

Meet Julia Niemeijer, the team manager of the student team InMotion from the University of Technology in Eindhoven. The team started eleven years ago in Utrecht.

Three students built a biofuel Formula 3 race car as an end project for their studies by combining their interests in sustainability and racing. Afterward, they moved to Eindhoven and made the decision to focus on electric driving because, in their opinion, that would be the future. We built a fully electric Formula 3 race car, the Fusion, and a mock-up, the Vision.

Afterward, we built the Revolution, which you can see in the video. The Revolution is a fully electric LMP3 race car that can charge in 12 minutes (with the same capacity as the Tesla Model 3).

We would like to develop Electric Refueling, which means that you can charge an electric car as fast as refueling a petrol-powered car. For us, it is important to inspire students, organizations, and society with our unique race car to accelerate the energy transition in the automotive industry.

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