Welcome to the Team!

Project Team

Louis Palmer

Director & Initiator

Frederic Michaud

Tour Manager

Stephen Wittkopf

Innovation and Knowledge Transfer to HSLU

Roger Buser

Solar Expert

Luc Weder

Project Leader Mechanical Engineering

Michael Wyss

Head of Construction

Michael Charif

Head of Solar System

Bruno Bircher


Brand Partnership Team

Event And Tour Coordination Team

Susy Bruno

Tour Coordination UK and Central America

Frederic Michaud

Tour Coordination Switzerland

Kornelia Sir

Tour Coordination Germany

Milena Hartmann

Tour Coordination Belgium and Holland

Michèle Weidmann

Tour Coordination Switzerland, Scandinavia, Baltic States & Greece

Marianne Müller

Tour Coordination Switzerland, France and Italy

Sidonia Gartelmann

Tour Coordination Switzerland, Finland and Slowakia

Communications Team

Construction Team

On the road Team