#116 How Cropled can reduce energy consumption of greenhouses by 50%

Imagine: all greenhouses in the world consume the same amount of electricity that is produced by 10 nuclear powers stations! Meet Remo Oberholzer, CEO of Cropled in Central Switzerland. This company is focusing on better and more efficient lights so that much less energy is wasted and there is more output of tomatoes and other vegetables in greenhouses. The potential of this new technology for saving energy is 50%!


#115 Genset - the world's first hydrogen powered generator

Up until today, all construction sites in the world have been using petrol powered generators. The great news is that Auto AG in Rothenburg near Lucerne in Central Switzerland has developed the world's first hydrogen powered generator. Meet Marco Villiger, managing director of Auto AG, and see his large solar power plant on his rooftop where green energy is being produced for powering the Genset. This innovation has the potential to make construction sites all over the world cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


#114 How to avoid, reduce and educate about CO2

Meet Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate. Myclimate avoids and reduces CO2 emissions by consulting and developing climate protection projects, which includes educational programmes in Africa, South America and Europe. To this day, myclimate has compensated for more than 13 million tons of CO2 and has educated more than 100 000 students all over the world! Many thanks to myclimate for the cooperation and help to develop a school programme for the SolarButterfly. This way, thousands of more children and adults can be educated about climate change and learn what they can do to be part of the solution. Thank you, myclimate for having been doing this important work for 20 years.



#113 Colorful solar panels make buildings more beautiful

Some people say that solar panels look ugly, they should be looking more colourful and beautiful! Meet Prof. Stephen Wittkopf, Head of KIT (Knowledge and Innovation Transfer) and Head of International Relations at The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, and learn more about colourful solar panels!




#112 How to help the climate with plant based coal

Leave rotten wood in the forest while it emits methane and contributes to global warming? Or shall we do something about it? This is the idea of Bruno Kipf from Brenzikofen, Switzerland: he has developed a stove to produce plant based coal in aa special process. This plant based coal is reducing lots of methan emissions (which is a much stronger greenhouse gas than CO2) and at the same time plant based coal can be used as fertilizer. So most of the methane and CO2 of the wood never goes into the athomsphere.



#111 How Bern Airport will be solar and clean

Aviation contributes between 2 and 5 % of all greenhouse gases today. But with more and more people flying, it will be one of the main contributors to global warming in the near future. At the same time, aviation has to become climate neutral until 2050, like every other industry. Is that possible? Meet Urs Ryf, CEO of Bern's Airport, and hear how he is transforming the airport of Switzerland's capital city. The grass fields next to the runway will be covered with solar panels and the first charging station for an electric airplane is already installed. Bern is a great role model that shows that transformation is possible, even in the aviation industry!