#11 Solar powered housing area

We all dream of living in autonomous smart houses that are powered by nature and dream of a community that lives in the same manner. In Bouchs, that dream is already a reality thank to Oecoplus AG. Oecoplus AG is a housing complex that is founded by Sämi Zgraggen who believes in fully adjusting our lifestyles to work with nature and sees sustainability from a holistic approach.

The housing unit uses a hybrid power system which consists of hydropower and solar power. Which can maintain full power supply throughout the year. The complex also has an e-car sharing system which the residents have access to for free, this is to encourage them to build a community as well. The core of a lifestyle that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation is community. Once we look at resources outside of the individual lens and more for community, we can lead better lives.

“The technical parts of building the housing unit have been the easiest part, the biggest challenge has been changing the hearts and minds of the people.” – Sämi Zgraggen, CEO Oecoplus AG

The experience of being in the housing unit and seeing the lifestyle that the founder is promoting truly left us even more inspired. We have been encouraged to look at sustainability holistically and put community at the centre of everything.

Watch our full interview with Sämi Zgraggen, CEO of Oecoplus AG

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#10 Solar Energy in the Alps

Though the concept of the use of electricity in mobility sounds rather new, this is not the case. In 1893 the world’s first electricity powered cable car was born, yes, the cable car is older than the oldest person that is alive now. This however does not take away from its efficiency, the cable car has undergone many renovations over the years up until the version we have now which is known as CabriO. The open deck smart and sustainable cable car which has now been operating for over 15 years with clean energy.

The CabriO cable car is powered by solar energy from the photovoltaic frames on the mountain Stanserhorn; which has a peak of 1,898m above sea level. The energy is enough to also power the restaurant which lies at the top of Stanserhorn. There is a cooperative system as well that generates electricity as the cable car goes down the rail. They also collect rainwater which is then used for the restrooms and other purposes that may arise. For CabriO it is not only important to use clean energy, but it is essential to have well rounded sustainable systems in Stans and more specifically for CabriO.

“Whenever we’re looking for sustainable solutions, we always have to opt for smarter and long-term solutions, cheap solutions in the long run cost as a lot more.” – urges Jürg Balsiger, CEO of CabriO

The next time you find yourself in Switzerland take a clean ride up mount Stanserhorn with CabriO and savour the breath-taking view.

Watch our full interview with Jürg Balsiger the CEO of CabriO.

Click Here to find out how you can take the cable car up Stanserhorn.

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#8 Heating houses with solar energy

In countries like Switzerland which have very cold winters, heating with renewable energy is essential. For over 45 years, Jenni Energietechnik has catered to that by constructing systems and constituents for district heating using solar energy without the need of any additional heating.

Jennie Energietechnik pioneered solar energy storage tanks that have an integrated hot water boiler which became iconic. The Jennie way of producing solar energy plants has become a worldwide standard. The storage tanks work well enough to sustain the heating systems through the winter and store well in the summer.

Although the initial cost for this type of heating is high in the beginning, it is far much cheaper in the long run. The tanks require very low maintenance and save for the users since ultimately, we will all have to switch to heating methods that have zero CO2 emissions.

We were joined in studio by Tabea Bossard, the head of HR for Jennie Energietechnik. Watch the full video below.


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#7 Durable electric bikes

Everyday there is conversation about the future of commuting, cycling has become the best option for many. When cycling you have less C02 emissions, avoid traffic and there’s always parking space. The Flyer E-bikes make cycling more effortless, comfortable, and enjoyable. The big question around e-bikes has always been longevity but this is one of Flyers strong points.

We ended our e-bike tour by visiting Flyer, Switzerland’s e-bike pioneering company which is shaping the future of commuting. Flyer has been producing e-bikes for 25 years now, while the bikes have changed over time the core values in their production remained the same. Longevity, precision, and premium segmentation is important to the company. The bikes have a significantly long-life span of about 90000kms, which will not lead to a build-up of used e-bikes.

What we found quite fascinating during our visit was the Minergie Plus standard building where Flyer operates. The building generates energy from solar panels which generates enough power for the maintenance of the building and production of the bikes. The building also collects rainwater. Flyer employees happily commute to work with the complimentary bikes they receive from the company.

Yet another well rounded solution that not only makes a positive contribution to the environment outside but from within as well.

Watch our interview with Andreas Kessler, CEO of Flyer.

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#6 Bio degradable clothes

We all know the saying, "when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good; you do good." It's generic but it's very true. For many of us clothing is our medium of expression, we can't all be Coco Chanel but we all consciously or subconsciously use fashion to express ourselves. The unfortunate part is that the textile industry is the world's second largest polluter, from the production stage all the way to our closets. For some people this has led to the shift away from fast fashion and others simply can't let go of their favourite brands. With Ocean Safe's biodegradable and toxin free textiles, you don't have to let go.

Ocean Safe is a Bern based company which produces cradle to cradle synthetic fibres and yarns from polymers. These textiles are safe for the biological cycle, free from toxins and from our experience of the materials they feel very soft on the skin. The company takes into account the entire chain from obtaining resources, production, distribution, the take back system and the impact on the biological system. Ocean Safe being the first company to do this has led to a new standard for the textile industry which has been scientifically verified.

We met Manuel Schweizer who is the CEO and founder of Ocean Safe who informed us more about Ocean Safe and the future of the textile industry. Currently Ocean Safe is the only company with the gold certified biodegradable textiles. Gold certified standard As said by Manuel Schweizer, the textiles are safe for the biological cycle to the point that they're thrown out into the forest; they become nutrients for future.

We were fortunate enough to have our uniform done with Ocean Safe textiles and soon you too will be able to purchase the textile as they will be commercially available. The founder has stated that Ocean Safe is not an eco-romantic company, they fully intend to collaborate with popular brands to create both sustainable, fashionable and affordable items from their textiles.

Watch our Interview with Manuel Schweizer where he tells us more about Ocean Safe's Cradle to Cradle textiles. 



Click Here to learn more about Ocean Safe from the website.

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#3 Industrial use of bottles from the Ocean


Have you ever wondered what the structural panels of the Solar Butterfly are built from? One of the first companies to support the Solar Butterfly; 3A Composites Core Materials developed the PET specially for our tiny home using recycled bottles from the ocean. 3A Composites was the first company to develop PET foam which has been a better alternative to PVC. PET is more durable, lightweight, stronger but most importantly recyclable. The lightweight products that the company produces for various industries are already contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of their customers by being more energy efficient and by making use of high technology to develop  products that are environmentally friendly. 3A Composites Core Materials is also the first to develop Balsa wood, the first and only carbon neutral material in industry. 

On the second day of our tour we visited the company and conducted an interview with the CEO of 3A composites, Eric Gauthier.

"It started from Virgin PET but more and more we have been using circularity and sourcing from our own scarp and cut off of bottles and of course from the normal recycled bottles we collect. For the Solar Butterfly we created the first structural panels that we made from ocean PET which we have been pleased to develop." gladly stated Eric Gauthier. 

Watch the full interview we had with Eric Gauthier. 

3A composites is always actively seeking developing ways to develop stronger, lighter and greener materials. Materials are applicable across various industries and seeing a leader in the materials industry not only commit but develop material specifically for our project is exemplary. The future of the material sciences is brighter or shall we say greener..

Click HERE to learn more about 3A Composite solutions.

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#2 Fast Charging Cable for electric cars

In many parts of the world we have witnessed the transition to electric, particularly for the mobility industry. The frequent complaint that most people have about using electric vehicles has always been the charging time. Nobody really wants to go on a road trip, miss a meeting or be late for a significant life event because they had to charge for about half an hour or more. Lucky for us our partner Brugg eConnect is continuously improving their technology to reduce your charging time. 

Brugg eConnect is a Swiss leader in the production of industrial cables. The company develops cable solutions for various sectors including E-mobility, wind power and industry. The focus point of this article as you might have already guessed is in E-mobility. Brugg eConnect produces high power charging systems which include DC charging cables, DC charging plugs and AC wall-box. The high performance DC charging cables can charge an EV in 8 mins which is a significant decrease from the usual charging time. The use of these cables creates the possibility for even municipalities to transition to having their vehicles fully electric as well.

We visited Brugg eConnect in Switzerland to get a tour of their site and understand the cable solutions even better. This was followed by an interview we had with the CEO of the Brugg group Stephan Wartmann.

'We have already developed fast charging technology and the cable systems are done. We now need to spread out the solutions, not only to personal cars but to boats, aircrafts and bus systems. " - Stephen Wartmann 

In an electrified future the development of fast charging technology is needed now more than ever. Watch our interview with Stephen Wartmann where he tells us more about Bruggs cable solutions and how they're on a race to improve fast charging technology. 

The interview is in German but English auto translated subtitles are also available on YouTube. 

Click Here Read our partner feature article about Brugg eConnect.

Learn more about BRUGG Group on their website: www.brugg.com

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#1 Solar powered airplane

While the Solar Butterfly will be driving all around the world, SolarStratos will be going beyond with the mission of being the first solar aircraft that will reach the stratosphere in 2024. SolarStratos is an aircraft which is solely powered by solar energy with latest generation solar cells. On the wings of the plane, there's a solar field which is around 22 square meters. The aircraft will fly at an altitude which isn't commonly chosen due to the delicate environment . You might be reading this thinking, "uhmm that's dangerous!" and you're right. Though the risks exist they do not surpass the benefit this mission will bring for the aviation industry and will expand what we think is possible with renewable energy.

We drove to Payerne Airport to meet our first pioneer Raphaël Domjan, who is the founder of SolarStratos and the infamous PlanetSolar. He has been promoting the use of renewable energy long before it became a dinner table topic. The pioneer and ecoadventurer has always strongly believed that renewable energy will play a large role in the protection of our planet and our civilisation. 15 years ago we couldn't imagine a world where we could electrify cars and now we've even expanded to electrifying planes, this is evidence that the unimaginable is always possible when it comes to technology. Many see the climate crisis as a dead end but perhaps it is a chance at a new and better path for our civilisation. SolarStratos has taken up the challenge to push beyond the limits and begin a new chapter for the aviation industry.


Watch our interview with Raphaël Domjan to find out more information about the SolarStratos mission and flirt with the edge of space.


"There is no reason not to change and one day the question will be "why didn't we move faster?." Maybe what is missing is bringing together engineers, philosophers, politicians and lawyers to imagine the world a little differently." - Raphaël Domjan,2020 


Visit the SolarStatos website for more information on how you can support the project and push the limits together with the team. 


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