#178 Restoring Nature: A Conversation with Daniela of Monteverde Institute

Meet Daniela Quesada Cruz, the vibrant force behind the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica. Founded in 1986, this non-profit educational hub is dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism by blending academic programs, research, and community initiatives.

In our latest Solar Butterfly adventure, Daniela shares the fascinating story of the reforestation program, unraveling the deeper layers beyond just planting trees. Join us in the video to delve into the incredible journey of restoring nature and building a sustainable future.



#177 CORCLIMA: Leading Monteverde's Climate Resilience Efforts

Meet Katy Van Dusen, a Pioneer, and Coordinator of the Comisión para la Resiliencia al Cambio Climático en Monteverde, short CORCLIMA, a community initiative.

The Commission's goal is for Monteverde's community to become more resilient against climate change, introducing solutions to become more sustainable. Ideas like a farmers' market with sustainable products, access to chargers for electric cars for everybody, a second-hand store with its brand upcycling old jeans, and a toilet without using water.

See what Katy and her team have accomplished to make Monteverde step up. All of CORCLIMA's projects focus on how we can strengthen the community.


#176 The Bamboo House: Architect Kevin Rodriguez's CASSA Creations

Introducing Kevin Rodriguez, the innovative Architect at CASSA, who specializes in designing houses constructed with bamboo. Did you know bamboo grows faster than any other plant and is one of the most efficient in absorbing CO2?

Beyond its remarkable growth rate, Kevin not only uses bamboo as the primary material for his houses but also prioritizes sustainability. His designs include features like a rainwater collection for toilet water and solar panels atop each structure.



#175 Kessel's Solar Breakthroughs: Journey with Director Israel Marquéz

We had the pleasure of meeting Israel Marquéz de la Rosa, Director of Kessel Company. Kessel, known for innovative solar-powered hot water containers, shared remarkable advancements in harnessing solar energy. This encounter added a new dimension to our journey, highlighting Kessel's groundbreaking contributions to a sustainable future.

Inspired by Israel and Kessel's innovations, we eagerly continue our voyage, encountering remarkable individuals and innovations along the way.

Full interview here:



#174 ECOLIFE Mexico's High-Efficiency Wood Furnaces Saving the Environment

ECOLIFE Mexico is seeking households that still cook with open fire. This practice is detrimental to the environment and the health of residents. To address this, they have constructed high-efficiency wood furnaces with vents. Each furnace saves around 4 tons of CO2 annually. Over the last 6 years, they have built over 14,000 furnaces, collectively preventing the emission of over 60,000 tons of CO2.

You can contribute by donating one of these furnaces at www.ecolifeconservation.org/donate.

Check out the full interview here:



#173 Agave Waste Usage

Meet Cesar Macias!

Mexico is the country of Tequila, and during the production of Tequila, there is a significant amount of waste. To address this issue, ITESO University has come up with a solution. Check out the full interview to see how:



#172 Solar Thermal Technology

Inventive Power is a successful example of how the implementation of green technology not only reduces environmental impact but also poses a technological-environmental challenge aimed at helping Mexico's industries generate hot water without the need for fossil fuels.

For more information check out the interview:


#171 Pioneer LACI : Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

LACI or Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator brings people together to create an inclusive green economy. Empowering startups, convening partnerships, building community.

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#170 Pioneer Tree San Diego

Tree San Diego is transforming our urban environment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the rewards of a thriving urban forest. Within their 10 years in service, they planted almost 10,000 trees.



#169 The Future of Water Travel in San Francisco

Candela's electric hydrofoil is like nothing you've ever seen on the water. It doesn't just float; it soars! Imagine 80% less energy consumption compared to traditional boats. Intrigued? We were too. Check out our YouTube for the full interview!