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Are you interested in visiting new places and meeting lots of interesting people? Do you want to be an Ambassador for solutions to stop Global Warming? Do you have some time to travel and you are looking for an experience of a lifetime?


If yes, may be we should connect with each other. Because we are looking for around 20 people with different skills. who want to travel around Europe as part of the SolarButterfly Crew in the summer of 2022. Or even later in North America, Asia etc.

(Or are you rather interested to help us from home, as a tour coordinator? Then click here)

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Journalist & Host

Are you interested in leading the tour and being a great host and speaker? Do you have the knowledge about the relevant topics and also sufficient experience to conduct interviews?

Driver & Mechanic

Do you have enough driving experience with large cars and trailers? Do you have the right drivers license (BE)? And are you able to fix mechanical and electric problems on the tour?

Social Media Crew

Are you a good photographer and do you have a feeling for interesting stories? Are you able to produce short video clippings and make a short video out of them on the road?

Video Journalist (VJ)

Are you interested in filming the events, the interviews, the landscapes? Do you know how to create a story line and make the film interesting for a wide audience?

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What you can expect from us

  • we cover your travel expenses, travel insurance and food
  • we will provide sufficient training for the journey
  • we make sure that you have the right travel equipment (cameras, laptops, clothing etc.)

What we can expect from you

  • you fluently speak English
  • you have at least 4 weeks free time for the tour
  • you love the adventure and have sufficient travel experience
  • you love to live and sleep inside the SolarButterfly
  • you are a team player
  • you are passionate and interested in new technologies and solutions to stop global warming
  • you have good physical and mental fitness
  • you know this is not a holiday but a challenging expedition
  • your age: 18+

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  • If you want to apply for a part of the European journey (which will take place between May and October 2022), please register here until SUN 21 November, 2021. Then we will get back to you.
  • we will invite you to a SolarButterfly webinar
  • after the webinar, we will ask you to send us a CV and then we will invite you for a meeting/casting

AFRICA (2025)

  • If you want to apply for a part of the journey outside of Europe (which will take place between 2023 and 2025), you can also register now with the form below. 
  • The selection process will start around 8 months prior to the journey
  • We will keep your contact and get back to you in due time.