SUN MAY 22 – Location: Schindler, Ebikon

The SolarButterfly has been built on the Komax construction site until May 13th; now the construction takes place by Schindler in Ebikon/LU

09:30 h The SolarButterfly will leave its construction site by Schindler/Ebikon

For WAVE participants, here the meeting point (see map)


SUN MAY 22 – Location: Aeropol 132, Payerne Aéroport

Visiting a solar powered airplane and welcome by founder Raphael Domjan

14:00 – 16:00 h Presentation of SolarStratos


SUN MAY 22 – Location: Coopérative équilibre (see map link)

Discover the unique solar living cooperative!

17:00 h Approximate arrival of the SolarButterfly in Geneva

17:30 h Event together with the WAVE participants

19:00 h End

Geneva - Start of the World Tour

MON MAY 23 – Location: Place des Nations (see map link)

09:00 h Arrival

10:00 h Official welcome with UN representative and the press

11:00 h Official start / drive to Brugg


MON MAY 23 – Location: FHNW

Let’s visit our main sponsor BRUGG AG, a leading cable producer.

16:00 h Official welcome & press

16:30 h Get together and visiting the SolarButterfly (open for public)

20:00 h End

Sins - 3AComposites

TUE MAY 24 – Location: Industrie N 2, 5643 Sins (see map link)

Meet the team who makes plastic sheets out of ocean bottles for the SolarButterfly and more

10:00 h Official welcome

10:20 h Interviews

10:40 h Visiting the SolarButterfly (open for public)

11:00 h For WAVE participants: guided tour of the production site

12:00 h End


WED MAY 25 – Location: Kantonsschule Sarnen

Discover an e-truck

08:00 h Arrival

08:15 h Official welcome

08:30 h Start School event

10:00 h Short presentation of the e-truck

12:00 h End


WED MAY 25 – Location: maxon

Get to know maxon, a leading company for small electric motors as well as electric bikes.

13:00 h Arrival

13:30 h Official welcome

14:30 h Visit maxon Production & Site

16:30 h End


WED MAY 25 – Location: Kempinski Hotel

Get together

18:00 h Arrival

18:30 Official welcome

19:00 Apero

21:00 h End


THU MAY 26 – Location: maxon

Get a warm welcome by maxon and start of the Butterfly-E-Bike-Tour

09:00 h Arrival

10:00 h Official welcome

11:00 h Start E-Bike-Tour via Melchsee-Frutt to Innertkirchen

See detailed programme of E-Bike-TourE-Bike


THU MAY 26 – Location: KWO

Visit Switzerland’s largest hydro power company and see how they produce electricity since more than 100 years

16:00 h Arrival

16:30 h Official welcome and start of tour/visit of KWO

17:30 h Finish

18:30 h Diner


FRI MAY 27 – Location: Hofer Ammann Platz

16:30 h Arrival E-Bike-Tour

18:30 h Dinner and Get-together


SAT MAY 28 – Location: In front of the station

10:00 h Arrival

11:45 h Lunch

13:00 h departure to Gantrisch Naturpark


SAT MAY 28 – Location: In front of the station

Let’s visit the second largest Swiss electric bike producer

16:15 h Official welcome

16:30 h Start of guided tour

17:30 h Get-together

18:00 h Dinner

19:30 h Finish


SUN MAY 29 – Location: TecLab

Learn more about TecLab

09:00 h Arrival of participants

09:30 h Official welcome

09:45 h Start guided tour in 2 groups

11:00 h End of guided tours

11:15 h Drive to the old town of Burgdorf


SUN MAY 29 – Location: Downtown (address will be known soon)

Discover this beautiful old town!

11:15 h Arrival of participants

11:30 h Official welcome (in front of the SolarButterfly)

11:45 h Visit & presentation of the SolarButterfly

12:00 h Departure of the E-Bikers towards Jenni Energietechnik


SUN MAY 29 – Location: Jenni Energietechnik

Learn how to heat a house in the Swiss winter with solar energy, stored in the summer

12:15 h Arrival of the participants

12:30 h Lunch

13:00 h Official welcome

13:15 h Start of the visit

14:00 h Departure with E-Bikes to Huttwil


SUN MAY 29 – Location: Flyer

Join us and let’s visit Switzerland’s largest electric bike producer in the heart of the Swiss Emmental

15:00 h Arrival of participants

15:15 h Official welcome given by the CEO

15:30 h Visit of the production site

17:00 h End