MON MAY 30 – Location: parking cable car cabrio

Take a ride in Switzerland’s most spectacular cable car – powered by solar energy

13:30 h Official welcome

13:45 h Start climate circuit for schools and public visit of the interior
13:45 h WAVE: Drive to climate pioneer Sämi Zgraggen

14:00 h WAVE: Discovering Sämi’s project in Buochs

14:30 h Interview with Jürg Balsiger (Stanserhornbahn)

16:00 h End school event

16:45 h Open door of the SolarButterffly for the public (until 18:30 h)

17:30 h Only for participants: take the cable car to Stanserhorn

18:30 h Only for participants: Dinner on Stanserhorn

21:00 h return to Stans

Buochs NW


Visit Sämi Zgraggen’s hydro and solar powered houses and meet a well known pioneer!

14:00 h Start of the guided tour

15:30 h End

Horw Lucerne

TUE MAY 31 – Location: Hochschule Luzern T&A, Technikumstrasse, Horw

Visit our technical partner, the HSLU University of Applied Sciences

08:15 h Arrival

08:30 h Climate parcours for schools

09:00 h Official welcome

09:15 h Visit of the SolarButterfly

10:00 h Guided tour ewl “See-Energie-Zentrale” (group 1)

14:00 h Guided tour ewl “See-Energie-Zentrale” (group 2)

16:30 h End of climate parcours for schools

17:00 h End

Horw Lucerne

TUE MAY 31 – Location: ewl “See-Energie-Zentrale” Seefeld in Horw

Visit the new “See-Energie-Zentrale” Seefeld in Horw and learn how lake energy is used for ecological heating and cooling.

10:00 h Guided tour “See-Energie-Zentrale” (gorup 1)

14:00 h Guided tour “See-Energie-Zentrale” (gorup 2)

15:00 h End


WED JUNE 1 – Location: V-ZUG / Tech Cluster Zug (entry for SolarButterfly event here, see map)

Learn about Switzerland most innovative, industrial transformation.

09:00 h Official Welcome through Tech Cluster Zug, Louis & Baudirektor

09:15 h Start climate parcours for schools (group 1)

09:30 h Interview in SolarButterfly with Regierungsrat

10:00 h Visit of Tech Cluster Zug for WAVE participants
10:00 h Climate parcours for schools (group 2)

10:45 h Climate parcours for schools (group 3)

11:00 h Lunch (location: Garage Göbli)

12:15 h End

Freienstein - Kyburz

WED JUNE 1 – Location: Kyburz Switzerland AG

Let’s visit Kyburz – the manufacturer of electric three-wheel-motorbikes for clean postal services

14:00 h Welcome

15:00 h Company tour

16:00 h Interview with CEO

17:00 Finish


WED JUNE 1 – Location: Zurich’s Münsterhof

Let’s get together on Zurich’s Münsterhof in the heart of the city

18:00 h Official Welcome & Get-Together

18:15-21:00 h Climate parcours & visit of the SolarButterfly for the population (incl. snacks)

19:00-19:30 h Concert Palma Fiasko Orchester

19:30-19:45 h Interview with Zurich Climate Pioneers

20:15-21:00 h Concert Palma Fiasko Orchester

21:00 h End


THU JUNE 2 – Kantonsschule, Winkelstrasse 1, 8750 Glarus (Pausenplatz + Aula)

Get to know the Friday’s for future organisation in Glarus

08:00-08:15 h Welcome through Louis Palmer & Kaspar Becker

08:15-09:00 h Climate parcours for schools

09:00-10:00 h Climate parcours & visit of the SolarButterfly for the population

10:00-10:45 h Climate parcours for schools

11:00-12:00 h Presentation given by Louis Palmer (free for all)

12:00 h End

Freienbach - Pfäffikon

THU JUNE 2 – Location: SEK EINS HÖFE SCHULE WEID (Weidstrasse 20, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ)

Warm welcome and exchange with local schools

13:30 h Official welcome given by Regierungsrat Sandro Patierno, Rektor Adrian Reinhard and Louis Palmer

13h45 / 14h30 / 15h15 Climate parcours for school (3 groups)

14:30 – 15:10 h Presentation / conference given by Louis Palmer (Aula)

16:00 – 16:10 h Official welcome given by Bezirkammann Yolanda Fumagalli

16:10 – 17:00 h Visiting the SolarButterfly (open for the population), info point about electricity plant (EW Höfe AG)

17:00 h End / Transfer to Galgenen

Freienbach - Galgenen

THU JUNE 2 – Locations: Energie Ausserschwyz AG (Bodenwiesweg 6, 8854 Galgenen)

Discover a wood power plant

18:00 h Arrival

18:15 h Warm welcome through Louis Palmer

18:20 h Short presentation given by Daniel Büchel (Bundesamt für Energie)

18:30 h Talks Regierungsräte (Kaspar Becker, Sandro Patierno, Susanne Hartmann, Vertreter Energiezentrale)

19:00 h Visiting a pioneer producing electricity out of Swiss biogas

20:00 h End / Drive to St. Gallen

St. Gallen

FRI JUNE 3 – Location: Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen (see map link)

We are looking forward to having great exchanges with the students.

08:30-11:00 h Climate parcours & presentation for students (group rotations with 100 students for 45min)

11:00-12:00 h Visiting the SolarButterfly (open for population)

12:00 h End

St. Margrethen

FRI JUNE 3 – Location: Stadler Rail AG, Neudorfstrasse 8 (see attachment to get at the right place)

Visiting the builder leader of tailored trains

13:45 h Arrival

14:00 h Visit of the production site

16:30 h End

Day of rest


Mont Soleil

SUN JUNE 5 – Location: Mont Soleil

With Espace découverte Energie: Let’s visit the solar and wind power plant and many animations for young and old in the middle of nature.

10:00 h Welcome

10:15 h Official speech

10:30 h Visit & explanations

16:00 h End