Our Technology

The SolarButterfly is the first-ever solar-powered mobile home to drive around the world. Equipped with newest, clean technologies, it is a role model for sustainable living:

What makes the SolarButterfly so unique:

  • A real tiny house with kitchen, toilet, shower, running water, A/C and up to 6 beds
  • Powered by Solar Energy
  • Eye-catching design
  • Turns into a butterfly at the push of a button
  • Large wingspan to collect the sun’s energy
  • Fully self-powered, produces enough energy to drive up to 300 km / day
  • Designed and built by Swiss universities and engineers



Efficiency of our solar cells

Travel with the sun and without any doubts

With 120 m2 of solar panels and a cell efficiency of 24 %, we can produce easily up to 170 kWh of solar power per day. This enables us to travel up to 300 km a day. With no emissions at all. 

Equipped with newest, clean technologies, the SolarButterfly is a role model for sustainable living


The world’s first tiny house, that is producing enough solar energy not only for the house, but also for charging the battery of the towing electric car.


The SolarButterfly is built mostly from material that is produced from waste plastic bottles from the Ocean.


The heating is quite important in cold areas of the world. In order to save energy, the Solar Butterfly uses energy efficient, electric  heating technologies. No gaz at all. 

Hot Water

In order to keep yourself clean and to wash the dishes, you need to warm up water. The hot water of the Solar Butterfly will be heated by solar energy only. There is no need for gaz at all. 


Sophisticated, flexible furnishing allows to change the living room into a bedroom, dining room or exhibition room or even a video studio.


The rain water collected on the Solar Butterfly's roof and wings will be cleaned and purified for drinking.

Energy Storage

The solar energy stored in a battery makes the SolarButterfly an energy autonomous house


The Solar Butterfly will be certified so it can be used in normal road traffic all over the world. 

Built of Ocean PET 

We have recyccled more than 800 kg of PET bottles that were swimming in the Ocean.
These bottles have gone through a special procedure, developed for the SolarButterfly, at „3AComposites Core Materials“ in Sins., Switzerland.
We are using the Ocean PET mainly for the walls, the solar panels and the furniture of the SolarButterfly. 

Watch the video of the processing

Technical Details of the SolarButterfly

Lenth: 10 m

Width: 2,15 m

Height: 2,85 m

Wingspan: 14,53 m

Weight: 2750 kg

Living room: 30 m2 with expanded room elements